The Classic Look
146 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044
(973) 857-4353
The Classic Look Nail and Hair Salon
Hair Model
The Goal of Creating Beauty
The Classic Look is a full service salon combining state-of-the-art American cosmetology techniques with classic European hair, nail, and skincare secrets. Our staff, a seamless blend of European and American professionals, provide our clients with a myriad of services with a distinct cosmopolitan flair.
Beauty Begins with a Blank Canvas
Steeped in the European belief that all people are beautiful and beauty begins with healthy glowing skin, The Classic Look Salon offers the services of European trained beauticians. Most woman have the been programmed to think they need make-up in order to enhance their beauty, but with the proper skincare, make-up is an unnecessary expense and additive. The best testament to this theory is the healthy, radiant skin of our staff who exude youthful energy.
A Woman's Crowning Glory
The staff at The Classic Look Salon are true artists. In the hands of these trained professionals, your hair becomes everything you knew it could be. Their secret? Communicating with each client, discussing options, taking lifestyle and desires into consideration before a single strand is even snipped. Once they work their magic, you will be well on your way to becoming a new you.